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The Eagles Fund: Your Best Gift

THE EAGLES FUND, St. John’s annual giving program, is essential to fulfilling the greatest operational needs and dreams of our school.

Your continued support for the Eagles Fund inspires the PEOPLE, sustains the PLACE, and enhances the PROGRAM integral to a superior educational experience for every St. John’s child.

Gifts to the 2021-'22 Eagles Fund support these and many more school-wide and division-specific dreams of our teachers:


Custom Class: bpa-infographic-1 backpack
  • Professional development opportunities for faculty and staff
  • Teacher appreciation, support, and retention
  • Student development, athletic and arts programming


Custom Class: bpa-infographic-1 backpack
  • Modular Learning Classroom Desks
  • Digital Gymnasium Scoreboards
  • Instructional Technology
  • Innovation Lab Enhancements
  • ClearTouch Interactive Screens
  • Ninja Obstacle Course


Custom Class: bpa-infographic-1 backpack
  • Osmo Learning System
  • Keyboard Piano
  • Physics Tools Package
  • iPad Keyboards
  • Virtual Reality Explorer Set
  • Pottery Wheels

Gifts to the Eagles Fund are defined as unrestricted gifts (the school retains discretion as to how funds are allocated) for which no goods or services were received in return. These gifts are to be made within the school's fiscal year of July 1-June 30. We recognize supporters in our annual Impact Report, and honor the preferences of all those who may choose to give anonymously. 

Annual giving is a core foundation of our school. As an Eagles Fund supporter and St. John's teacher, I see the direct impact of our annual fund in my classroom through current state-of-art technology, equipment, and furniture. Knowing this fund exists gives me confidence and supports my work with our students.

Lidia Toledo
teacher of K(4)

When you invest in St. John’s, in terms of your time or funding, all of it comes together to grow this community and you feel more connected. Though we've been here for many years, particularly from March 2020 forward, my husband I and just look at each other a couple of times a week and say, ‘Thank goodness for St. John’s'

SJE PARENT (7th, 4th, K5)