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Safety, Health & Wellness

At St. John’s, we believe each child should benefit from the strongest possible support – not just with their academic learning, but also with their physical safety, emotional, social, and mental well-being, which is equally important. To better ensure that we support the “whole child,” we have both a full time School Nurse and School Psychologist/Learning Support Specialist. We also have an extensive crisis management plan, which includes full-time on-site School Protection Officers.


Safety & Security

St. John’s remains a very safe school environment, and a worst-case threat remains extremely unlikely; nonetheless, we have taken steps to further solidify our standing as the area leader in multi-faceted, comprehensive responses to a range of potential threats - natural and other - for the wellbeing of our community. Rather than rely on any single tactic or action, we utilize a comprehensive plan that includes an active, armed deterrent, state-of-the-art communication within the building and with law enforcement, security cameras, and employee training.

Here are the highlights of the plan:

  • Centegix CrisisAlert System: With this system, every school employee will be issued a wearable badge that provides one button activation, enabling quick action in any emergency circumstance (medical emergency, intruder, etc.). With the simple push of a button, an alert instantly reaches administrators and first responders (EMT, Fire, Police). Emergency information can also be communicated throughout a campus using colored strobe lights, desktop alerts, and intercom integration. This system provides total facility coverage. The CrisisAlert badges function inside and outside, even if cell service or Wifi is down.
  • Uniformed Armed School Protection Officers: We have contracted with a Tampa-based company, Ronin International Protection, to provide uniformed armed school protection personnel. The overarching objective of this agency is to provide services that prioritize the physical protection and wellbeing of our students, faculty, visitors, and others. In addition, the service also include protection against destruction of school property by providing necessary visual presence, surveillance, and control of access on the property by excluding individuals who have the potential to threaten the security and peacefulness of our campuses.
  • All faculty and staff are trained by Tampa Police Department in active shooter threat mitigation. All are also CPR/First Aid certified.
  • We will continue utilizing the Visitu Visitor Screening Management System for anyone seeking entry to our buildings during the school day.
  • All classrooms and offices lock from the inside with window coverings.
  • Privacy screens have been installed at all three campuses. 
  • Added crisis communication app for administrator communication, as well as emergency alert text capability for families

Health & Wellness

We also believe in supporting our families with resources for their own health and wellness. Below you can find articles from our staff that we hope will better serve our community:

Blog Articles

Health & Wellness Team

Amy Patenaude

Amy Patenaude

Titles: School Psychologist, Learning Support Specialist of K(4) & K(5)
Sharon Weaver

Sharon Weaver

Titles: School Nurse