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Physical Education

St. John's Physical Education program encourages all students lead healthy lives through regular exercise and healthy lifestyle choices . Our program focuses on a developmentally appropriate curriculum, designed to help students to master skills, develop self-awareness, and build confidence, while collaboration, resilience, and sportsmanship are emphasized through games and activities. 

In the Lower Division, movement education is the foundation for the physical education program. Students explore the relationship between their bodies and space. Students transition into cooperative efforts with partners through challenges, observations, and assessments by both peers and teachers and demonstrate critical thinking skills as they practice these skills. Problem-solving is demonstrated in terms of game strategies, social interactions, and decision making, which becomes a greater part of the Middle Division content as students learn to work toward common goals.

Middle Division students also have the opportunity to compete in interscholastic athletics.

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Maria Mohammed

Maria Mohammed

Teacher of Grades 5-8 Physical Education, Athletic Director