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Visual Arts

The St. John’s Art program is designed as a continuum for Grades 1-8 and is a comprehensive, hands on program in which students’ art experiences nurture their creative and imaginative abilities, increase their perceptive and manipulative competencies, assist in the expression of individual ideas, and provide opportunities for evaluating and assessing their own work. Students study and practice the elements of art and principles of design, as well as the styles and techniques of professional artists to gain an appreciation of the rich, visual world around them.

Students are expected to think critically, learn the language of the visual arts and create artwork which reflects personal experience as well as imagination. Not only do they create masterpieces, but they learn that the idea of art finds its home in sharing the wonder. Students stretch both their imagination and their creativity and never settle on the first creative solution. Art becomes a vehicle to exact change, make a statement, and represent a passion. In this way, our art program is able to develop well-rounded students with minds that not only embrace concrete skills and concepts, but also elevates their thinking to the next level of innovation.

Arts in Action