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St. John's Music program provides opportunities for both developing and expanding on a student’s knowledge of music performance, theory, composition and arrangement, music history and theatre. Using tools such as GarageBand and Jamstiks, students are able to enhance their learning experience in the Music classroom.

Students begin on non-pitched percussion instruments, learning basic 4/4 rhythm notation and echo skills in first grade. By fourth grade, students learn more complex music and music notation, play a wide range of styles including blues, folk, rock, and classical, and learn about composers as well as the Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern Periods in music. 

In the Middle Division, students expand musical knowledge through activities and tools such as Noteflight, GarageBand, Jamstiks, music technology, theatre techniques, and interactive music history. All students have the opportunity to apply these methods through participation in the yearly school musical, which is performed each Spring.