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Instructional Technology

At St. John’s, we recognize the impact technology has on the lives of children, and our position and approach is one of thoughtful, deliberate, strategic, and meaningful technology presence in the school setting.

Our practice is guided by the following beliefs:

Technology integration at St. John’s will be age and developmentally appropriate, and overseen in a way that as much as possible protects our students from associated pitfalls and dangers. Our investment in children will always exceed our investment in technology, including helping them learn how to ‘harness’ technology appropriately and safely so they know how to be good digital citizens.

Technology offers educators the opportunity to serve children in ways not possible before.  It also brings unprecedented challenges for teachers and parents, as well as risks to children. Given the arguably unparalleled role of technology in the life of children, schools should seek the active participation of and partnership with parents in developing educational technology that is authentic and meaningful for every student user.

St. John’s will not engage in the tech version of ‘keeping up with the Jones,’ the practice of making educational decisions based on what other schools are doing (or claim to be doing) with technology. Instead, our strategy will carefully and deliberately identify and invest in appropriate technology that enhances our curriculum and serves the needs of our students. We know them individually and will develop and tailor technology integration accordingly.  In this way, we will be at the (genuinely) leading edge of technology integration.


As St. John's works to meet its strategic initiatives, we are committed to keeping you informed. If you have any questions or need further assistance, contact St. John's Associate Head of School for Curriculum & Technology Lisa Strauch.


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