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The purpose of Innovation at St. John’s is to develop critical and independent thinking, creativity, and collaboration among our students while learning the fundamental concepts of technology operations. Learning objectives are carefully crafted to foster students' 21st century skills while encouraging inquiry and exploration. Students explore concepts and skills through iPads, video production, coding, 3D printing, and digital image editing.

An extraordinary life begins with an extraordinary childhood. An exceptional education is integral to both.
Hugh Jebson, Head of School

Lower Division

The goal of Lower Division Innovation is to foster a mindset of critical thinking,
creativity, and collaboration among students. Learning objectives pivot around information literacy, digital literacy, and creative problem solving that expose students to 21st century skills, transferable beyond the walls of our classroom.

Teacher-centered instruction is minimized to encourage inquiry, exploration, and project- based learning. An extended 77 minute Innovation block allows students to complete a central module each quarter, while also having time for periodical makerspace projects and regular book circulation. Learning is scaffolded so that skills are continually revisited and built on with the intent of being exercised with less direction and more creative agency over time.

Middle Division

Innovation class at St. John’s Middle Division teaches students to think critically, creatively, and collaboratively. Through the course of each year , Innovation students are taught 21st century skills and resources such as video production, coding, and digital image editing within a project-based and collaborative learning atmosphere.

Each quarter focuses on a different technology or skill in the form of a project. Though the quarterly project highlights a particular resource, students are encouraged, and often required, to apply and incorporate previously taught skills and technologies. The ultimate goal of the class is to equip students with the skills and resources needed to function in today’s modern classrooms and *constantly evolving technological world.