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Vita scholae (school life) at St. John’s combines the academic rigor that parents expect from a fine independent school with the extra touches that a private school can provide.

Uniting with the nurturing environment created by our grounding in the Episcopal faith and tradition, these qualities make St. John’s tops among South Tampa schools. Creative field trips, cutting-edge technology, thoughtful divinity lessons, and quality visiting authors and artists enhance the traditional curriculum during the school day, and winning athletics and fun extra-curricular activities reinforce the School’s values even after the traditional school day ends. Taken all together, they create a well-rounded St. John’s student, one who is ready to take on a world of limitless possibilities.

St. John’s formed a very solid personal foundation for me, one that is deeply rooted in moral character, spirituality, and critical thinking. I loved my time at St. John’s and look forward to giving back to such a wonderful place.

Cameron Cassedy
St. John’s ‘02