St. John’s Episcopal Parish Day School prepares each of its students for lifelong intellectual and spiritual growth by providing a superior educational experience within a nurturing Christian environment. Situated in Hyde Park and near Downtown Tampa, St. John’s is a co-ed, Episcopal K(4)-8 independent school with a rich 68-year tradition of exceptional academic achievement. Founded in 1951, St. John’s is Tampa’s oldest Episcopal school.

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Tuition & Fees

St. John’s Episcopal School strives to maintain a reasonable rate of tuition to allow as many children as possible in the Tampa area to attain the gift of a transformative education without the requirement of inordinate financial cost.  

At St. John's, we believe that affordability starts with comprehensive tuition, which supports essential school programs, and a robust financial aid program to meet a family's additional needs. Comprehensive, variable tuition helps us fulfill our mission by increasing socioeconomic diversity in our school community. We believe that economic diversity enriches our community, fosters inclusion, and enhances the educational and social-emotional experience for children as well as adults.

No family should hesitate to apply for admission because of their inability to pay the entire cost. St. John's is committed to making quality education accessible to all students, regardless of their financial circumstances.

Tuition Assistance

St. John's offers a robust  a tuition assistance program to ensure that the most qualified students have the opportunity to benefit from a St. John's education regardless of family circumstances.  

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Gail Kelley

Gail Kelley

Director of Enrollment Management
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Sarah Beresik

Assoc. Director of Enrollment Management