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Current Public School Families

The decision on schooling is the single most important one any parent will make. As such, we encourage parents to consider the following when seeking the best education for their child. 

At St. John’s, we:

  • Are counter-cultural. We believe in children and the sanctity of childhood.
  • Place the wellbeing of children above all others. 
  • Value critical thinking over standardized testing.
  • Want every family to feel they belong and matter.
  • Place great emphasis on Inclusion, Character, and Community.
  • Welcome parents as engaged and active partners. 
  • Believe the fate of children is too important to be left to politics.
  • Help children succeed in a culture of high expectation and high support.
  • Are directly accountable to our stakeholders.
  • Provide a politically neutral learning environment.
  • Retain and support outstanding educators without offering tenure.

If these are shared values, we’d love to meet and learn more about you. No student or family should hesitate to apply for admission because of concerns about affordability. St. John’s is committed to making exceptional education accessible to all families through robust tuition assistance for those with demonstrated need. 

St. John’s has a limited number of spaces available each year. Competition is strong and families are encouraged to apply early. The earlier the start the stronger the finish. Our graduates thrive in both public and non-public high school programs and in life. Please visit our Admissions page for more information. 

Three Ways a St. John's Education is Better for Families



St. John’s is independent in the truest sense of the word.


A different approach to learning

We believe that education is about much, much more than large class sizes, standardized tests, and a ‘cookie cutter’ approach.


Quality over qualifications

We pride ourselves in being a place for families who want for their children an academic and educational experience different or even unavailable at public schools.

A survey by the National Center for Educational Statistics showed that:

  • Private schools have more demanding graduation requirements, that private school students score higher on standardized tests, and sent more graduates to college than public schools.
  • According to the report, students who completed at least eighth grade in a private school were twice as likely as other students to graduate from college as young adults.

  • NCES statistics also showed that students in private schools are much more likely than others to take advanced-level high school courses.

An extraordinary life begins with an extraordinary education. St. John’s Episcopal Parish Day School has been creating an uncompromising educational experience and countless opportunities for children since 1951.


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Gail Kelley

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McKenzie Blankenship

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