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(i)mage of a Graduate

At St. John's, we are deliberate and thoughtful about balancing a very thorough academic program that celebrates and preserves childhood and makes sure that children grow up at the right rate, while being academically prepared for their future. 

Of the Class of 2022, 95% were accepted into their ‘first choice’ private high school. A five-year analysis of highly selective grade 9-12 admissions outcomes for our 8th graders reveals similarly outstanding results, with overall acceptance rates actually higher than for families trying to join the same schools before 9th grade.

As an age 4 through Grade 8 school of 575 students, St. John’s can provide many advantages beyond academic rigor: students experience fewer transitions, they develop long-term relationships with teachers and friends, and there is a wide range of opportunities for students to make their voices heard and advance their leadership skills in every division. We know that even very young children can practice these skills and have meaningful opportunities to develop them early on.

The K(4)-8 model of education best serves students, and here's how:

  • Children in the K(4) - 8 setting can enjoy all the discovery and precious freedoms of childhood longer.
  • K(4) ‐ 8 grade configurations promote higher student achievement and some studies indicate these schools help improve student behavioral outcomes, including self‐esteem.
  • Research demonstrates that when middle schoolers have the "top dog" status at school (8th grade), they feel safer, report fewer disciplinary instances, and perform better academically than students in 6-12 and K-12 schools.

The most compelling data of all? The testimonies of our graduates, who continue to report how well-prepared they were for the high school of their choice, and how well they fare in relation to fellow students who have been at the school longer.


Ready to perform with distinction at the next academic level; independent thinker who aspires to excellence


Committed to lifelong learning, both inside and outside educational (institutional) settings; creates a mindset capable of producing extraordinary outcomes that serve and benefit others


Possesses the inner confidence to self-advocate, persevere, and meet new challenges with determination, clarity, and focus; adaptable and resilient in the pursuit of personal goals


Creates lasting and meaningful relationships by participating in broader experiences in the community and for the greater good; leads with kindness, empathy, and integrity


Eager to engage diverse communities, confident in their own, and conversant with other religious viewpoints

High School Matriculation

St. John's offers unparalleled high school preparation. As a result, our graduates are highly sought after by Tampa's premiere high school programs. 

Matriculation from 2018-2022

Academy of the Holy Names
Robinson IB
Tampa Catholic
Tampa Prep

College Acceptances