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SJE Latin Goes to Nationals!

SJE Latin Goes to Nationals!

St John’s Episcopal School took five students to the National Junior Classical League Latin Competition. They spent a week in Lafayette, Louisiana competing in academic tests, creative contests, oral contests, and Olympic events. They cheered with the rest of Florida in state spirit contests, and danced and did karaoke with students from across the country at evening events.

We are pleased to announce that out of 970 Latin students (mostly high schoolers) in attendance, SJE student Maya R. from the Class of 2022, earned 2nd place overall and received the Lillie B. Hamilton award - an award given to only 5 students at convention for most points earned over at least different event categories. All of our SJE students did incredibly well, as did an additional 7 SJE alumni competing as high school students. Congratulations, Eagles!

See below for individual scores:

Nora C. - Placed top 10 in EVERY TEST taken!


2nd - Classical Art ½

3rd - Classical Greek  ½

3rd - Latin Derivatives  ½

3rd - Mythology  ½

4th - Reading Comprehension  ½

5th - Geography  ½

5th - Hellenic History  ½

5th - Roman Life  ½

6th - Academic Triathlon

6th - Latin Grammar  ½

7th - Mottoes, Abbrevs, & Quatations  ½

8th - Roman History  ½


6th - English Oratory

Certamen (team trivia)


Jackson D.

Certamen (team trivia)



5th - Board Games 

6th - Sculpture

Lexie M.


7th Latin Literature I

10th Reading Comprehension I


3rd - Large Models


1st - 400 Meter Jr Girls Track

3rd - 100 Meter Jr Girls Track

Ryan S.

1st place - Roman History 1/2

Maya R. - 2nd place recipient of Lillie B. Hamilton Award 


3rd - English Oratory

4th Acrylic painting

5th Colored Pencil Drawing


Overall - 

10th Place Creative Arts

Certamen (team trivia)

2nd place


1st 100 yard Medley Jr Girls

2nd 50 yard Butterfly (swim)

3rd 50 yard Freestyle (swim)

7th 100 Meter Jr Girls Track

The SJE Scrapbook, created by Historians Maren A. and Londyn A., earned 6th place.