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SJE Latin Places at Nationals!

SJE Latin Places at Nationals!

In late July, St John’s sent seven students to the National Junior Classical League Forum, held at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.

They competed in tests such as Grammar, Roman Culture, Latin/Greek Derivatives, Roman History, etc. against the over 1000 students in attendance from across the country. They also competed with Creative projects, in the highly competitive National trivia game, called Certamen, and Olympika events, like Swimming, Marathon and Basketball. 

This year, SJE had some of the youngest competitors, as two Grade 6 students attended. We also, very proudly, had two alumni continuing in the competitive Latin traditions that they learned at St John’s, and a third alumna, now in college, who was elected to the National Board!

St. John’s also submitted the SJE Latin Scrapbook to the National competition. This scrapbook, made by Londyn A (2022 Historian) and Ela B (2023 Historian) earned 5th place against middle and high school scrapbooks from across the nation!

See below for individual scores:

Results (academics/creatives/olympika)

Nora C (Grade 8, now Alumna, Level 1)

8th Greek Life

8th Latin Literature

10th Mythology

4th English Oratory

9th Modern Myth Story

9th Sight Latin Reading

9th Latin Holiday Cards 


Ryan S (Grade 8, now Alumnus, Level 1)

Ryan earned a spot on the Nationally Competitive Certamen Team; He, with his team, took 1st Place! 

1st Roman History

4th Anc. Geography

6th Academic Triathlon

7th Roman Life

10th Greek Derivatives

1st Sculpture 

1st Competitive Certame

Ela B (7th Grade, Level 1/2)

10th Latin Derivatives

10th Reading Comprehension

4th Costume Duo 


Sophia S (7th Grade, Level 1/2)

8th Mottos, Phrases, Abbrevs.

8th Reading Comprehension

9th Latin Vocabulary

9th Mythology

4th Costume Duo


Molly T (7th Grade, Level 1/2)

4th Mythology

7th Latin Derivatives

8th Reading Comprehension

9th Anc. Geography

3rd Stitching/Textile

5th Chalk/Pastel Art

8th Charts

1st Marathon Jr Girls

2nd Basketball 

3rd 200 Meter Jr Girls 

4th Open Certamen

7th 50 yd Breaststroke Jr Girls 

9th 50 yd Freestyle Jr Girls 

Harry G (6th Grade, Level 1/2)

12th Academic Triathlon

9th Cartoon Strip

*asked to attend State Certamen practices!

Ella S (6th Grade, Level 1/2)

15th Latin Grammar

4th Watercolor Art

7th Ink Art