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SJE Eagles Win At Regional Latin Forum

SJE Eagles Win At Regional Latin Forum

Our Eagles have soared to victory for the 21st time in the Regional Latin Forum, upholding the SJE winning tradition! Students competed on February 5 in the Latin Regional Forum and beat out all area private schools in person, and others across the country virtually!

They entered their creative projects and took academic tests in areas such as Grammar, Vocabulary, Roman History, Mythology, and Customs. Competing virtually with schools from across the state, Co-Consuls Maren A. and Ashleigh C. led St John’s Latin students to win in Certamen, Creatives, and Academics! We would like to bring special attention to the four students who took two 1st places - one on their academic test and one on their project! Congratulations to Luca R., Lila B., Oliver B. and Nora C. 

We are incredibly proud of our Latin students for once again bringing home the victory to SJE, and look forward to what they can do at the State Championship! Below you can find the full results from the Forum:

Certamen is an academic trivia game with 3 rounds of ten questions and a final round of 15.

Our teams all placed very well!!

Level ½ 

2nd SJE A - Nora C, Oliver F, Walt S, Ryan S

3rd SJE B - David D, Oliver B, Colson H,  Abigail G, Wilson M

Level 1 -

1st SJE B - Will M*, Lucas R, Josh G, Cole W, Luca P

2nd SJE A - Ashliegh C*, James L, Jackson D, Khloe C 

Academics(left)/Creative Project (right)

Level ½ (7th grade)

Oliver B

1st Model

1st Customs

Lila B

1st Map

1st Vocabulary

Ayden B

3rd Model

2nd Pentathlon

Liam B

2nd Derivatives

Tyler B

2nd Model

4th Derivs

Nora C

1st Declamation

1st Pentathlon

Catherine D

1st Illustrated Booklet

David D

3rd Sculpture

2nd Phrases, Mottoes, Abbreviation

Holland E

4th Sculpture

2nd Customs

Sophia F

1st Painting

2nd Derivatives

Oliver F

2nd Declamation

2nd Pentathlon

Abigail G

1st Republic

Max G

2nd Draw

3rd History of the Monarch and Republic

Colsen H

4th Poster

3rd Derivs

Katie H

3rd Textile

2nd Grammar

Breanna L

2nd Mixed Media

2nd Mythology

Noah K

2nd Map

3rd Customs

Emily O

1st Sculpture

Walt S

1st Grammar

Ryan S

3rd Poster

2nd History of the Roman Empire

Curtis W

4th Map

3rd Derivatives

Level 1 (8th Grade)

Maren A

1st Textile

3rd Phrases, Mottoes, Abbreviation

Riley A

3rd Classical Art (Test)

2nd Grammar

Ashleigh C

1st Costume

2nd Republic

Khloe C

2nd Textile

1st Derivatives

Jackson D

1st Games

4th Phrases, Mottoes, Abbreviation

Josh G

3rd Declamation

2nd Phrases, Mottoes, Abbreviation

James L

2nd Mythology (test)

1st Vocababulary

Mischa M

1st Costume

4th Customs

Will M

1st Mythology

3rd Pentathlon

Alexandria M

2nd Model

1st Pentathlon

Luca P

5th Sculpture

5th Geography

Maya R

2nd Painting

1st Latin Literature

Lucas R

1st Poster

1st Grammar

Cole W

2nd Audio Visual

1st Customs

Because of their outstanding performances, seven 6th Graders were also allowed to compete at Level ½.

Sam W 

1st Audio Visual

4th Derivatives

Austin G

2nd Poster

4th Pentathlon

Karolyn M

4th Mixed Media

4th History of the Roman Republic

Liv R

5th Painting


Molly T 

4th Textile

1st Mythology

Theo E


3rd Pentathlon

Addison G


5th Mythology