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Middle Division Team Leaders Added for 2022-23 Additional Student Support

Middle Division Team Leaders Added for 2022-23 Additional Student Support
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Dear School Family, 

I am very pleased to share with you that next school year will see a further enhancement to student support in the middle division with the creation of the new leadership position of ‘Team Leader.’ The individuals who will take on these important roles are Mr. Archie Barnes (Grade 5), Mrs. Stephanie Cole (Grade 6), Ms. Sarah Bragdon (Grade 7), and Mr. Joe Woodard (Grade 8).

The team leaders will work closely with and under the guidance of Mr. Ronnie Williams, Assistant Director of the Middle Division. They will team with Mrs. Patenaude, School Psychologist, and collaborate with their middle division colleagues to oversee the academic, social, and emotional progress and development of each middle division student. Middle division can be a difficult time, and we remain fully dedicated to making sure each child is nurtured and fully taken care of through this additional layer of support.

The team leaders will serve as the first point of contact for teachers and parents regarding the academic and personal needs and development of individual students. In their roles as student advocates, team leaders will meet frequently with the school psychologist and assistant director to review individual student progress and address any issues or concerns that are brought to them by colleagues or parents.

One of the primary responsibilities of a Head of School is to provide opportunities for growth and mentor aspiring school leaders. I am very pleased that Archie, Stephanie, Sarah, Joe, and Ronnie have this opportunity to work together to support the children and develop their individual and collective leadership potential. All of them are highly accomplished and well-respected educators who will do a fantastic job of serving and supporting the children. 


Hugh Jebson
Head of School