St. John’s Episcopal Parish Day School prepares each of its students for lifelong intellectual and spiritual growth by providing a superior educational experience within a nurturing Christian environment. Situated in Hyde Park and near Downtown Tampa, St. John’s is a co-ed, Episcopal K(4)-8 independent school with a rich 68-year tradition of exceptional academic achievement. Founded in 1951, St. John’s is Tampa’s oldest Episcopal school.

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Latin Students Soar in Recent Competition

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Latin Students Soar in Recent Competition

On Saturday, Nov 20th SJE Latin students attended Fall Forum - the first statewide Latin competition of the year! Led by Co-Consuls Maren and Ashleigh, our students virtually competed against students around the state in academic competitions, Certamen (Latin Team Jeopardy), and playful events, and yet again showed that being an Eagle means soaring above the rest!

Our 7th Grade Certamen team played hard and earned 5th place at the competition!Nora*Captain
Molly (6th)

8th Grade Awards

Ashleigh (Latin Club Co- Consul)
4th - Mythology Level I

3rd - Latin Grammar
5th- Mediterranean Civilization

1st - Latin Grammar Level I
3rd - Mythology Level I

1st - Roman Culture Level I
1st - Mythology Level I
1st- Ancient Greek Language and Life
2nd- Mediterranean Civilization
4th - Latin Grammar Level I

7th Grade Awards

1st Mythology Level I
5th Certamen

3rd - Mythology Level ½
5th Certamen

1st - Mythology Level ½
4th - Latin Grammar Level ½
4th - Roman Culture Level ½ 
5th Certamen

6th Grade Awards

Jon Luke
5th - Mythology Tik Tok Challenge 

3rd - Mythology Level ½

5th Certamen