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Hispanic Heritage Month at SJE

Hispanic Heritage Month at SJE
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Students participated in a number of interdisciplinary projects and explorations to learn more about and celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month! Thank you to Spanish teachers Paula Hernandez-Davila (K4-4) and Ardeli Beaulieu (5-8) for guiding our students through this important month, and instilling a love of the Spanish language and Hispanic culture in our students! Read below for details by division:

Primary: Students learned new Spanish vocabulary and read books about Hispanic Heritage month in Spanish class. In art, students created a grade-level pinata, and had an exciting (and delicious) fiesta!

Lower: In science, related to their current studies, students learned about plants and insects that are native to Spanish speaking countries. In art, Grade 1 made “Brito Animals,” Grade 2 made Mexican Bark Paintings, Grade 3 made Sugar Skulls, and Grade 4 made Mexican Tin Art. In innovation, each student was assigned with a Spanish-speaking country that they researched to made a 3D printed ornament. The ornament included the country's outline and a choice of food, flag, flower or animal native to that country. They also used VR goggles to safely experience the 'running of the bulls' in Spain! In music, they learned about different Spanish composers and listened to famous guitar pieces from Spain, specifically Flamenco. 

Middle: Students researched important Hispanic public figures like artists, athletes, judges, political activists, scientists, etc and presented their information to the class. They also worked on a Dia de los Muertos exhibit in the Middle Division office.