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SJE Faculty Receive Travel Grants

SJE Faculty Receive Travel Grants
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Congratulations to five faculty for receiving the SJE inaugural faculty travel grants for this summer! From Spain to Greece and everywhere in between, our faculty will be immersed in the local landscapes that relate to their pedagogy and bring back their findings to their students next year. These travel grants are just one of the many ways in which your Eagles Fund dollars go directly to support the 'people of St. John's.'

Spanish teachers Paula Hernandez-Davila and Ardeli Beaulieu have received grants to travel to Salamanca in western Spain to participate in the AATSP (American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese) Annual Conference, where they will join an immersive professional growth program that will further enhance the teaching and learning of Spanish at St. John's.

Middle division Latin teacher, Kendal Ogles, will use her grant to travel to Greece and Turkey to take part in a Classics expedition to Troy, Epidaurus, Athens, and Pergama, where she will study Greek archaeology.

Middle division History teacher, Joe Woodward, has been awarded a grant to travel to Boston and Salem Township in the northeast so he can further develop his teaching of Colonial America and the Revolutionary War by visiting historical sites and reviewing historical documents.

Primary division classroom assistant, Angie Aldana, has been awarded a grant to travel to her native country, Columbia. She will visit family and collect cultural items for use in primary division classrooms.