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Everything we do is because we believe in children, in the sanctity of childhood, and most importantly, that education has a higher purpose, one which all of us at the school are compelled to serve. We foster this daily through our programming, which translates into real-life, values-driven experiences for our children.

At St. John’s, our mission is to inspire children from the youngest age to the oldest, to discover the joy of learning, to encourage their curiosity, and to obtain a solid foundation through the skilled teaching of the core subjects.

At St. John’s, our mission is to: respect and inspire the individuality of every child; encourage their curiosity and wonder of our world; cultivate their joy of learning both now and in the future; provide skilled instruction and integrated programming; and create leaders prepared to live lives of purpose and meaning.


Providing academic excellence in a nurturing Christian environment—that is the principle upon which St. John’s was founded in 1951, and it is the same principle that still stands more than a half-century later.

Our school not only has a long-established reputation for a rigorous core curriculum that prepares students for the demands of secondary education, higher education, and beyond, but it also weaves in the strong spiritual and moral foundation needed to help guide young minds throughout their daily lives.

Strong self-discipline, a conscientious work ethic both at school and at home, self-respect and confidence, personal responsibility, effective leadership organization and study skills, and the respect of peers are all resulting qualities demonstrated by students immersed in the process.



We take a thoughtful and deliberate approach to school-wide curriculum, technology integration, creativity and self-expression, character development, and all other key aspects of our program.

We believe the integration of these elements through experiential learning develops the whole child and supports well-rounded, independent decisionmaking for the future.

An extraordinary life begins with an extraordinary childhood. An exceptional education is integral to both.

—Hugh Jebson, Head of School


At St. John’s, we believe that how a student is academically engaged in and outside the classroom has a direct impact on their level of preparation and inclination towards lifelong learning. That’s why how we teach is equally as important as what we teach.

By stimulating a student’s interest and commitment to subject mastery, we provide an academically vigorous experience for continued academic success and developing skills to thrive in life.

Visit one of our classrooms on any given day and you’ll see meaningful learning, experiences crafted in age and developmentally appropriate ways that energize students through wonder, inquiry, and challenge.


Paint the portrait of a St. John’s graduate, and the canvas will tell the story of a young person eager to carve out the world in which he or she wants to live using positive energy, and tremendous human spirit. Our graduates are coveted by area high schools because they are renowned for the strength of preparation they receive through our vigorous academic program.

The greatest demonstrated strength of a St. John’s education is that our students are prepared in ways that propel them to even greater heights of excellence and leadership.

Our students become individuals of impressive character and citizenship and build lifelong friendships and relationships.

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St. John’s Episcopal School in Tampa, Florida, prepares each of its students for lifelong intellectual and spiritual growth by providing a superior educational experience within a nurturing Christian environment.

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