St. John's students have a long history of being Simply the Best. Whether excelling at standardized tests to winning state-wide academic competitions, from winning at athletics to helping their community through service projects, our Eagles are grounded and compassionate, bright and creative, energetic and passionate.

Below are highlights of some of St. John's recent accomplishments:

Eagles: Simply the Best in Academics

In 2014 - 2015, the St. John's Middle Division Latin Team took first in the regional Latin Forum for an unprecedented 11th year in a row and first for an amazing fifth year in a row at state. Nationally, only 553 7th graders received perfect scores on the National Latin Exam in 2015, and three of them were at St. John's. Less than 1% of the over 140,000 students who took this exam in 8th grade received perfect scores, and one was at St. John's.

St. John's students in Form V (3rd grade) and up take the challenging ERB (Education Records Bureau) standardized test each year, as do thousands of students at the nation's best independent schools.  In 2015, our students overall scored in the 92nd percentile in Quantitative Reasoning, the 90th percentile in Mathematics, the 91st percentile in Writing Concepts and Skills and the 93rd percentile in Vocabulary.  Our Form X students (8th grade) scored in the 95th percentile in Quantitative Reasoning, in the 94th percentile for Reading Comprehension, and in the 94th percentile in Vocabulary, as well as in the 96th percentile in Mathematics. St. John's students overall improved their ERB scores by an average of 1% over the national average, on top of an increase last year of 2%, a very positive trend that indicates that our students are the best and the brightest, and that the St. John's education is equipping our students with all the skills they need to take on the new economy.

St. John's Odyssey of the Mind team took gold at the regional competition, second place at state, and went on to the World competition in summer 2014, where they placed 4th. The team also brought home the prestigious Renatra Fusca Award for creativity.

Beginning in Form V (3rd grade), St. John's students compete in the WordMasters Challenge, a difficult vocabulary competition based on completing analogies which develops verbal reasoning abilities, addresses higher-order thinking skills, and emphasizes logic and reading comprehension. Competing in the difficult Blue Division of the Challenge in 2014 - 2015,  all three of St. John's 4th grade classes placed among the top ten teams in the nation in the second meet of the year, at 4th, 7th, and 8th respectively. In addition, as an example of individual St. John's students' success, two fourth graders received highest honors for scoring 59 of a possible 60 on all three tests, and one Form X student also received high honors for scoring 58 of 60 on all three very difficult 8th grade tests. 

Nineteen Form IX (7th grade) students took the ACT or SAT for the national Duke University Talent Identification Program in 2015. Of that nineteen, six students received state recognition for their high scores.

Eleven students in Forms VII through X (5th through 8th grades) received perfect scores on the National Mythology Exam in 2015, receiving the Gold medallion.

Eagles: Simply the Best Athletes

St. John's student athletes have won League or Tournament championships in all of the following sports in the past three years:

  • Boys' Basketball
  • Girls' Basketball
  • Boys' and Girls' Cross Country
  • Girls' and Boys' Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Girls' Tennis
  • Girls' Swimming

In addition, St. John's athletes as a group won our League's Sportsmanship Award for four years in a row, an unprecedented success.

Eagles: Simply the Best Servant Leaders

In partnership with St. John's Church, students on all three campuses collected canned goods and donated more than 3,200 pounds of food to the homeless families of Metropolitan Ministries for Thanksgiving 2014.

During Lent 2015, the students raised more than $3,000 of their own money for local charities Faith Cafe and Cornerstone Kids.

Students also participated in the annual Dads’ Club Day of Service in February 2015. 

  • Form I (K4) brought in donations of school supplies and assembled pencil boxes for Hillsborough County Education Foundation, while Form II (K5) assembled snack/care bags for families staying at the Ronald McDonald House.
  • Forms III through VI (1st through 4th grade) conducted a letter writing campaign to our troops, and collected socks and beef jerky to send overseas with the letters.
  • Forms VII through X (5th through 8th grades) helped five local charities with projects from cleaning and organization to making meals to sprucing up landscaping.

At the Primary Division every year, students are "Bucket Fillers" of kindness, love, and good deeds for each other. This concept is based on Dr. Donald O. Clifton's metaphor of the "bucket" and the "dipper," or those who add to a person's happiness and those who take away from it, and as illustrated in the book "Have You Filled a Bucket Today? A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids" by Carol McCloud, required reading for Primary Division students.

At the Lower Division, Forms VI and III pair up as Reading Partners and read together every Friday for 40 minutes, enhancing the skills of our 1st graders and encouraging compassion and mentoring skills in our 4th graders.  

Eagle Parents: Simply the Best Involved Supporters

In the Primary Division, parent readers join the classrooms each week to read a special book. In the Lower Division, parents volunteer in the library during lunch and recess through the Friends of the Library program.

We have an active Parents’ Club that raises hundreds of thousands of dollars for the School each year and which has more than 60 committees to create and run fun and enriching events throughout the year like Lower Division Reading Partner Parties, Primary Division Circus Day, Middle Division dances and socials, fundraising "Spirit Nights" at local businesses, and our largest annual Parents’ Club fundraiser, Celebratio.

Our Dads' Club joins the students for an annual Day of Service in February, and dads and kids work together to give back to our community through service to the needy, collections of items for underprivileged students, and letter-writing campaigns.